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Accredited and Certificated

Courses available from the School of Omni UK.

'Make a career out of healing'.

The main benefit of having accredited healing courses is that YOU can then get insurance.

The correct stationery is important to you and to your clients to showcase your therapy and to introduce your information and show your professionalism.
We have now had much experience with events and practices and would like to help you to develop your own 'business/practice' using Omni and/or other of its related systems as your Therapy for healing.

We have many leaflets ready to be personalised to your own requirements. These will be backed by the UK Omni Association leaving you free to advertise your business/practice with your own logo etc. The costs are reasonable and all printing is of good quality and done on a professional printer to order- either in small or larger quantities.
All prepared leaflets and advertising have the UK Omni Association ™ logo and website details on them with plenty of space for your own details and logo.

For professional use
We can help in the following ways if you want to set up your own practice and have:-

•    Dedicated Leaflets for Omni Healing and /or related systems with your own details on to promote at your home, your centre or place of work
•    In - house leaflets to record client information with disclaimer
•    Information leaflets describing Omni Healing and related systems
•    Dedicated leaflets,  posters and roll up banners to go to shows and fayres demonstrating Omni Healing and/or related systems to promote your own practice
•    Supply personalised business cards, letter headings.
•    Prepared information to give talks about Omni Healing and its systems to local groups, (such as Women’s Institutes), at shows, business sector, private sector, corporate sector,
•    A wonderful ethical and empathic website created and designed with or for you at a reasonable cost. We can manage it for you or you can have access to change the information and dates- as you wish.

For personal use
•    Leaflets personalised for you to give out when you channel Omni Healing and/or related systems for your friends and family. They will love to know more about it!
•    Linked to the UK Omni Association, they will have your details on them.