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To really appreciate Omni Healing and its related systems it is a good idea to ask some questions and here are some.

Are there places in the world where Omni Healing and its related systems are popular and why?

It has been taught and is being used in the following countries: Wales, Scotland, England, Russia, Bulgaria, India, France, and Germany.
These countries are in the forefront of the Omni Healing systems which have totally revolutionalised healing and its methods. They are to be congratulated in opening their collective heart and soul to accept and use this fabulous energy which is channelled for the good of all, without exception.

It has been originally taught in these countries by Dr Sameer Kale, Shivananda, and its Founder from India, and now, more recently, by Stephanie Jones, a teacher of Omni Healing and Omni Kriya in Wales, who also now travels widely. There are few Omni Masters teaching in the world, to date there are only 6, scattered across Europe and the USA.
The knowledge is eagerly sought and the effectiveness of the systems is being appreciated the more it is being used and tried. It appeals to many people in all walks of life, from government officials to housewives, to the elderly and to the young children of appropriate age. Our oldest Omni Healer is 92 and the youngest attuned was 9.

Why do these energy systems appeal to other nations?

There are always many enquiries from other areas of the world, apart from those already mentioned above and are progressing, such as United States of America to the Maldives to Africa to Greece. There are new illnesses being recorded all around the world, people are suffering more and more with new diseases. Control of epidemics and disease is an important aspect of any government these days and also is high on the list of the man in the street. There is a huge increase in such illnesses as obesity, diabetes, eating and dietary disorders and IBS, to name but a few. They affect younger children, the elderly and it does not respect any member of society, afflicting all who succumb. These disorders were not common years ago but are, unfortunately, now.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 The world is hearing and listening to Omni Healing which is gaining momentum. The need and wanting is building up. Wonderful! Here in Wales, we are fortunate to have a Centre which specialises in helping people with the Omni Healing systems.

Here to help, for learning and healing, for more information and a chat telephone 01559 372 395

10 Reasons to Learn Omni

1. Omni Healing connects you to Universal and Earth energy so you can really balance and heal yourself with yang and yin energy. Self healing daily harmonises body, mind and spirit and encourages self development of the highest order.

2. Omni Healing is a wonderful re-connector to your spiritual self. When you feel lost and alone the chances are that you are 'missing' your spiritual link. Learning Omni Healing will help you to regain a nurturing and 'whole' quality within your life.

3. It is recognised that stress is an important factor in our lives. We do need some stress or we would not get everything done, however, we can go overboard and try to be all things to all people. Modern society reflects this situation and illnesses are increasing. Learning Omni Healing returns your mind to a calmer state, encouraging good health and well being.

4. Omni Healing can help any illness whether acute or chronic, whether physical, mental, psychological, emotional, spiritual, auric or karmic.  It enables you to use the extra energies chanelled into your body to prevent illness as well as help the recovery processes that the body uses to heal itself.

5. Omni Healing certainly helps to 'kick start' you into making decisions giving you a confidence and clarity of thought to step out of your comfort zone when you need to. Whatever time of life you are in, Omni Healing can reveal your true pathway.

6. Many people can live their lives feeling that something is missing or that they are not doing what they really want to.  This can be very true for the carers in life who want and do give themselves so completely to others without receiving the same, this leads to great imbalances. Omni Healing can lead you to help others in a more focused way with a rewarding feel good factor, knowing that life is the treasure you knew it was. Becoming a practitioner of Omni Healing opens many new doors in many new areas. The choices are vast and yours for the taking.

7.  Being a caring person usually means that others can take you for granted and unburden their troubles on you. This can leave you sad and uneasy with sleepless nights worrying about how you can help. Omni Healing can help you to put all this into perspective and will allow you to still help others in this way but you will see that others have the answers within themselves and you will be able to help draw it out of them. Omni Healing allows you to help others without taking on their problems as if they are your own.

8. From an early age our lives are full of interaction with others, some of these are filled with traumas which colour our actions and interactions and will reduce our quality of life. This becomes a psychological drama which we play out in an emotional and mental way. Spiritually we cut off from love and kindness finding it hard to accept any more Trust is missing, an important factor in enjoyment of Life. Omni Healing will relax this traumatic state and allow acceptance and trust to be filtered back into your life. Life becomes interesting and our experience is understood as being a 'lesson' in life to be embraced and understood. This happens naturally with Omni Healing and life becomes enriched and enjoyable.

9. It is easy to be part of a system which abuses and holds you within its net with the false promise of security and control. Most people struggle with this at some stage in their life, it is a sad state and some can reach out and struggle free. Others need support and encouragement to summon the strength and ability to help themselves. Omni Healing gives you strength and self respect. This changes your life and that of those around you. All is changed for the highest good of all those involved. The responsibility is not yours but that of your Soul which is there to help with direction when you accept and agree, when you take away the veil.

10. Omni Healing will return you to Yourself, your True essence, to the child who was born without a stain. No matter what your age, no matter what sort of life you have had, your life can be returned to a joyful and happy way, rebuilt on a sound spiritual base which will enhance yourself and those around you. Real healing of the whole of You.

Is Omni Like Reiki?                                                                                                             

This is a question we are often asked. We respect this question and answer to the best of our knowledge.

We believe this question forms part of a fundamental element of the Spiritual Law of Healing, which is to Trust and Love the energy coming through. Reiki is, to date, becoming acknowledged and is an increasingly well known and accepted form of energy for healing and spiritual development. It was channelled in the early 20th Century by Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese Dean at a small University in Japan. He used it to help others and experienced its powers.  It was then further developed and taken to Hawaii in 1937/8 by Mrs Takata who taught others, who then went around the world teaching.  It is basically Universal energy and works from the Heart.

Omni Healing, by comparison, is a relatively new concept using the same Universal energy but in a more progressive way.  It was received and channelled, from his guides, in 1997, by Dr Sameer Kale, Shivananda, a Guru, from India, who currently is the Teacher of all the developing Omni systems, who is also an Independent Teacher of Meditation and Grand Master of Reiki.  Omni Healing has come about because the energies in today's world are not as pure and receptive as they were years ago. Reiki energy has been around for a long time in this changing world, it has been 'developed' in many ways by many people who are not true Masters. It was felt that some change was needed to aid deeper spiritual development and for the healing of self and others to be more profound on all levels of our being. It is basically universal and Earth energy and works also from the Heart.
A positive energy force is integrated during the attunements, while learning, to protect the attunee from negative people and situations. This is just one of the unique benefits of Omni Healing and its related systems.

We all know that 'energy' predates us all and has been with us since Time first began. It is such a privilege to work with these energies bringing them into this Century, helping modern Mankind to return to the Roots of our Sacred Self.   So, we leave you with this information and these thoughts and let you decide for yourself.....is it the same as Reiki?  It is our belief that it is not.

Experiencing Energy              

People are all different, and people differ in terms of how sensitive they are to the flow of energy in the early stages of their work with Omni Healing and related systems.  Sometimes people arrive on an Omni Healing training massively sensitive to the energy, and perhaps better able to sense subtle differences than their teacher, and that’s nice for them, while other people may notice something very subtle or perhaps nothing at all. Most people will feel something, but it does not matter. If you have been 'called' to energy work then that is your confirmation that you are in the right place, doing the right thing, even if you can't sense or have limited 'feelings'. I generally find that everyone has something!

So, when working with energy, we introduce people initially to exercises which help them to perceive the electromagnetic field we all have around our bodies. This is called the energy layer and the aura. One such exercise is called the 'energy ball' and most people will feel something in between their hands when they try to make it. By doing these exercises, the field of energy grows stronger, with lots more feelings and perceptions. It can be trained, like anything else, just as you can train yourself to see auras.

This is all part and parcel of the learning on our spiritual and healing pathway and we need to be consistent and above all, patient. It does not matter that others can see more, feel more, hear more, sense more, visualise better, have amazing experiences. We are all different and have whatever we need to help us at any time. We can't all be super people with super powers even though there are some about!

The effectiveness of using the energies of the Universe or the Earth is not less because you are not super perceptive. In fact, if the mind is in gear, sensory perception finds it difficult to kick in while healing yourself and others. Our mind and ego must be put to one side when channelling. Our senses grow as our chakras are fine tuned for us, allow the energies to work through you without trying to control. Then, you will start to feel more and know more.

Why Is an Omni Attunement necessary?                                                                               

Over the years that Dr Kale and myself have taught Omni Healing and its related systems, the question has often been asked,
“Why do I need an attunement or initiation to healing energy?” or
“If this is universal life energy that is available to all why do I need to come to an Omni class and receive a special initiation?”
I would like to address these questions. I am going to focus on the word 'initiation' as I feel that when you receive an attunement to the Omni Healing energy, or Usui Reiki, you are being initiated into the energy.

Firstly, I 'taught' the Usui method of Reiki and I am sure there are many who have worked with energy much longer than I had when they took their first Reiki class. This, however, was my first introduction and understanding of the ritual and 'initiation' involved, which is basically:

Usui Reiki: Using a ‘one for all’ initiation, opens the main top four chakras, to accept and receive loving Universal energy.

Secondly, I ‘taught’ the Omni Healing method in which the initiation is entirely different:
Omni Healing: Using a personal initiation, corresponding to the person’s energy, not a general one for all initiations, opens all main seven prime chakras to accept and receive loving Universal energy and also Earth energy. Also, at the same time, integrating Omni Energy with a powerful positive energy which protects the channeller from negatives in many forms. Giving and passing-on the ability to channel the energy from initiation and forever.

I now teach Omni Healing and Omni Kriya in a similar way with the ritual and initiations, even though they are very different in essence from anything else.

It may be questioned why it is necessary to be initiated into something that is believed to be already inside one as part of a spiritual presence and right of life. I believe this belief is not strong enough inside everyone even though every person on Earth has the ability to heal self and others. There are varying degrees of confidence, intuition, depth of wisdom and knowledge. Even a willingness to heal and help can be restrained creating a reluctance to come out of the 'comfort' zone to be seen as different and strange.

There are those who have natural 'gifts' of energetic perceptions and healing abilities and are very happy to help all those in their path. Care must be taken, as with all healers, to protect your own health and well being as this natural energy can be drained and will be less able to help the Self. This is quite commonly seen, unfortunately.

When we initiate students of energy into Omni Healing or indeed, Reiki, then we are addressing many challenges for that student:

Can I do it? Are the psychics and mediums right when they have told me many times that I can heal others?
Where do I go?
What can I do?
Will I be able to do it?

By initiating, these questions are addressed.

Yes, you can do it as it is not totally you that are doing it. You become the channel. You are taught the fundamentals and you will be able to grasp the principles while embarking on a stronger spiritual belief and gaining knowledge and confidence. You are channelling a higher energy than yourself and you can call this energy anytime anyplace for your own betterment and that of others. This energy can be channelled to your Self and to others with great results and a spiritual progress second to none when one is committed.

This is my belief based on my own knowledge.

The Energy Protection that Omni Gives                                                                                 

All the Omni systems of Healing integrates within their attunement process, a positive energy, which is unique to any systems of healing in the world. This is due to the power of the Guru, the Founder of Omni Healing systems who is Shivananda, Dr Sameer Kale from India.

With these systems, the healer does not attract negativity of any sort, whether it is intentional or non intentional. This positivity is strengthened daily by self healing and also by channelling Omni Healing to others.

This is a curiosity for many Healers of many energy systems, who understand the great need generally, for the use of energy ''protection'' before and after any healings, whether of people or places. It is of course, Confidence, Experiences and Time, which help to strengthen a healers' energy and ''knowing'' that there is no need for protection. How many healers can say they have no fears regarding protection and use it daily?

There are few healers who can channel energies with the utmost belief that there are no negative factors to take into account and which may alter the state of the healee and themselves. Much healing time can be 'wasted' with rituals surrounding protection but as a healer becomes more experienced, the more spiritual confidence is gained.

Omni Healing attunements open to the energies of both the Universe and the Earth, where much negativity can seem to be found.  New students of Omni Healing can channel Omni energies with the utmost confidence that they are safe and are channelling only pure, loving energy for the good of All. There are no 'comebacks', even when working physically, emotionally, mentally, psychologically, spiritually, karmically and aurically.

Attunement to Omni Healing and/or its related systems is being encouraged widely as it is a feature that increases and focuses the healing power and intent of the healer to the healee or place.