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Q. What is Omni all about and what is the concept behind it?
A: Omni is the whole Universe. A Life Force Energy of earth and universe which is present always in this cosmos and flowing all the time.
Q. What does it literally mean?
A. The cosmic energy is present in the universe and we all are composed of this energy. Actually, this is life and our body absorbs this energy from the cosmos and is stored in the Chakras. When we need this energy we can use it if we are attuned to this energy level.
Q. How is Omni different from the other conventional modes of therapy?
A. In Omni healing, we can heal someone without side-effects and without medicines. It is based on balancing of the energy level in the body: on a faster level than say, Reiki.
Q. What are attunements?
A. Attunements are the activation of the chakras to receive the yang and the yin energies, settles in between Solar Plexus and Hara.
Q. What is healing?
A. The word’ healing’ is used in the sense of regaining harmony, balance and a wholeness of one’s being, thereby giving a sense of well-being and a greater joy of life.

Q. What is energy?
A. It is what makes your heart beat without you having to do anything. Energy is the Universal life force, when there is no life in our body the energy returns to the Universe.
Q. Where did Dr Sameer Kale learn Omni? From whom?
A. It came to him in his meditative state from his spiritual guide 'Shri Shiv Sai'.
Q. How does Omni heal?
A. It balances the energy level at that particular organ where the person has some problems and the person is healed. The uniqueness of Omni is that it works always on the root cause of the disease or the problem.
Q. How is it different from other therapies?
A. Being based on the energy concept, Omni is totally different from other therapies. It balances the energy in the body and due to this the problem is solved. This therapy works well on all levels and all types of acute and chronic problems.
Q. Does Omni go hand-in-hand with other therapies and energy systems?
A. No. Omni is its own unique energy magnified for the purposes of healing and spiritual development to aid humanity worldwide.
Q. Can negative energy pass from one person to the other during healing or distance healing?
A. No, Omni passes through one person to another but it doesn't harm anybody being positive energy.
Q. Who is Shri Shiv Sai? Do they have physical existence?
A. SHRI SHIV SAI is Dr Sameer Kale's spiritual guide for Omni Healing, Omni Sutra Healing, Omni Saisutra, Omni Anugrah, Omni Saitva, Omni Karma, Omni Sphatic (Crystal Healing), Omni Shiva ( Rudraksha Therapy), Omni Shakti, Omni Karma.  Shri Shiv Sai is the power combination of Lord Shiva, Shirdi Sai Baba (a known Saint in India, now deceased) and Shri Satya Sai Baba (a known Avatar, Shri Satya Sai Baba died in 2011). From these guides, messages came for almost all the systems including Traditional Reiki, Osho Neo Reiki and Karuna Reiki.
Q. What will be the best time to leave between attuning to Omni Healing I, 2 and 3a?
A. Because of the balancing and positive nature of the attunement, Omni Level 1 and 2 can be done on the same day. For Omni Level 3a, Dr Kale will assess the attunee for suitability and attune accordingly. Usually it can be done quite soon after Level 2.
Q. Is it possible to misuse this unique energy?
A. As it is a loving and positive energy giving protection at all times, it is not at all possible to misuse this energy. So, don't worry.

Q. Do I need to have worked with Reiki before I can attune to Omni energy?
A. No, anyone can attune to Omni Healing; there is no need to have worked with any energy systems.
Q. What is the difference between Spiritual Healing and Omni Healing?
A. Spiritual: more metaphysical using own energies. Omni Healing: direct energies and intentions
Q. Is it possible to feel the health problems of a person during a distant healing, when doing it in only 10 minutes?
A. Yes. It also depends upon the healer's ability and practice. To improve your sensitivities we highly recommend that you self heal at least once a day-more if you can, it will not harm or overdose.
Q. When Omni is so powerful, isn't there the danger, a person could get problems because of too much energy?
A. As already stated, Omni energy is only positive energy, so it doesn't harm in any way. On the other hand, more energy and more power are helpful for healing all the acute and chronic problems. This is part of the uniqueness of this programme.