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The main benefit of having accredited healing courses is that YOU can then get insurance.


  • To teach, practice, encourage and support all those involved in Omni Healing.
  • To promote, inform and educate those who quest and thirst for knowledge and who aspire to understand and live by their true spiritual nature.
  • To encourage students of ©Omni Healing to provide healing to themselves at least once a day in order to maintain harmony and balance in mind, body and spirit. By doing so, they create a healthier environment for their family, friends & colleagues.

A professional body, The Centre of CPD Excellence now recognise our courses meaning we can offer: ACCREDITED Courses -with them.



This is the first in a series of five energy systems from Dr Kale and his energetic guides.
It came into being in April 1997. The Omni Healing system is based upon concepts from India. It has Indian symbols and Sanskrit mantras, which are very easy to chant. This system has 22 basic body positions and one has to spare only 6 seconds-1 minute time on each point. This quality allows Omni Healing to call itself the world's fastest healing method.

Omni Healing is evolved energy for today’s healers, it is a unique magnified method of healing– a progression, a most powerful and advanced system. This energy flows beyond time and space and has no connection with caste, creed or religion, mental, psychological or emotional status of the healer or healee. Omni energy flows from Yang to Yin and heals at a much faster rate without side effects and without spending much time on Chakra Energy Points.

Attunements in the Omni Healing system start at the Root Chakra at level-I. This is the only reason why, after going through the Omni attunement, people can grow spiritually too! Also being then attuned in two upper and two lower chakras achieve the full benefit for all levels for Omni.
Most of us are out of balance and alignment with our natural selves, and therefore, our natural healing abilities.  With Omni you become a channel or a conductor of these energies, it also serves to correct imbalances and to nourish this healing force making you more sensitive to energy and psychic energies. If you have previously chosen to be attuned in another healing system such as Karuna Reiki, Usui Reiki, or ANY other system then your ability to channel or heal will be improved because by being attuned and daily channelling self healing with Omni, your chakras and higher self are more balanced.

Omni works on the Physical, Mental, Psychological, Emotional, Spiritual, Auric and Karmic levels.

There is no requirement to have been attuned to any other energy system before taking Omni attunements.

This is a system which can be the beginning of an awesome future where self-empowerment, love of self, spiritual growth, aiding the well-being and good health of others, joy of life, a true awareness of being one with mankind and the Universe becomes the norm.

Peace and happiness will be yours in time.
All attunements include a protection against negativities, which is an important feature of Omni Healing.

Level I- Healer- Learn how to Self-Heal, Partner Heal and Distant Heal. This training is taken over a full day depending on your experience. You will receive a one-one personal attunement, 6 sacred symbols, Sanskrit mantras, certificate, an instruction booklet and an opportunity to take additional notes.

Level 2- Senior Healer- This training is taken over a half day. Using the same methods as in Omni Healing level 1, this level works on Kundalini Awakening, Spiritual Development, Prosperity, Strengthening Relationships, Addictions, Searching for Negativity, Better Health. We have 6 more different symbols to use for specific purposes in level 2 of Omni Healing.
You will receive a one-one personal attunement, sacred symbols, Sanskrit mantras, certificate, an instruction booklet (appendix to the Level 1 booklet) and an opportunity to take additional notes.

Level 3a- Master Healer– Having used Omni Healing regularly you will recognise the importance and need of progressing, going forward with the higher energies available to you. You receive a one-one personal attunement, 2 sacred symbols, Sanskrit mantras, certificate, an instruction booklet (appendix to Level 1 and 2 booklets) and an opportunity to take additional notes.

 If you prefer to learn online then please click to see our online training courses website here

OMNI KRIYA (Energy Massage Therapy)

Here, we introduce this very new, effective and powerful programme of Energy Massage Therapy which is based on using energy from Source and is totally different from other massages or traditional massages.
It is a non-manipulative, totally restful, relaxing, de-stressing and healing massage.

  • There are three different categories within this massage, concentrating on three major parts: Head, Middle body and Lower body.
  • This programme is unique for those who wish to follow correct massage techniques for the betterment of their healees. It works on all kinds of pain problems, stomach disorders, mental irritability, psychological and emotional disorders.
  • Massage has been part of our way of life for thousands of years and has been a very important ‘therapy'. Promoting well-being and good health, it gives a glowing look and a feeling of contentment, not to mention being beneficial for all sorts of ailments and injuries.
  • There is no necessity to take any clothes off for this unique and effective massage. This gives more people the opportunity to try a massage.
  • Also, this massage is here to appeal to existing masseurs who may be having difficulties with wrists, arms and shoulders by using other techniques and, quite possibly, having had to give up this rewarding type of work. You can start again with confidence that this will be as good for you as well as your patient!
  • A treatment can take between 10 and 60 minutes depending on the area/s of massage, which can include a head and facial massage, working down to the soles of the feet, arms and hands and then over on to the back of the body.
  • It leaves you feeling light, refreshed, with a feeling that the whole of one's insides have also been massaged: a truly wonderful healing experience…all the benefits of conventional massage and more.

This is training is taken over a half day. You will have a one-one personal attunement, one symbol, a Sanskrit mantra, DVD, teaching, practice and certificate.

Like the other systems the attunement also includes a protection against negativities.


Reiki is the name commonly used for the Usui system in the world today; it is used for healing yourself and others.
It is a wonderful starting point for all journeys and excursions into your own Self and development of your spiritual nature.

Meaning of Reiki
REI .. refers to universal or cosmic energy KI .. is the life force that flows through every living thing.
Developed by Dr Mikao Usui in Japan in the early part of the 20th century, it is very different to other forms of healing therapy available in the west.

Usui Reiki First Degree                                                                                                     
This is full-day training. You will receive four attunements during the day, which links you to the Universal Source energy, opening your Chakras to the Universe, greatly increasing the energy flow through your system.
Included in the training are:-
•    The History of Reiki
•    The Reiki Principles
• Self-treating
•    Ways of using Reiki
•    Hand positions
•    Treating others
•    How to protect yourself from negativity
•    Manual
•    On-going support.
•    Certificate

Usui Reiki Second Degree                      
This is full day training. You will receive two further attunements, which greatly increase the energetic flow. In order to increase and focus the power of Reiki energy, you will also receive three sacred symbols, their mantras and how to use this level. You are shown the distant healing process and its many benefits. This level is mostly about emotional and mental healing.
Included in this training are:-
•    Ethics
•    About Symbols
•    Using Symbols
•    Distance treatments
•    Manual
•    Ongoing Support
•    Certificate

Usui Master Teacher Practitioner- Reiki Third Degree
This enables you to attune others to the Reiki energy, while your healing reaches a higher level. This is full day training. At this level you receive the powerful master attunement that lifts the system energetically to even greater heights and inner depths. You are introduced to the Master symbol and shown how to use it for healing, for transformation and how to help others to become a Reiki channel. Primarily, however, this level focuses on self-mastery. It is showing your commitment to energetic work and self-development when used regularly, having a need to teach others the same. It is taught on a one-to-one basis.
Included in the training are:-  
•    Using the symbol
•    Guidance in teaching
•    Responsibilities
•    Manual
•    Ongoing  support
•    Certificate