Accredited and Certificated

Courses available from the School of Omni UK.

'Make a career out of healing'.

The main benefit of having accredited healing courses is that YOU can then get insurance.


Some benefits of joining the UK Omni Association include:

* Joining us is Free!!

* A free website listing for Omni Practitioners on our pages, of your own activities for other members and public to see

* Stationery available for purchase for Omni Students, at discounted prices, for Information leaflets and for Starter and Ongoing Practitioner Packs and Websites!

* Continuing Accredited Professional Training with Refresher Days and Shares  

* Special reductions in prices for ongoing training and development   

* Distance Healing Group

* Networking opportunities with other Omni practitioners

* Access to membership of The Guild of Holistic Therapists, including competitive insurance

* Free advice regarding development and design of your own website, offering a special price to create and download to the internet.                               

* Raising awareness of Omni Healing and related systems

* By using internet and emails we are cutting down on paper, saving resources, saving our precious trees

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