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The main benefit of having accredited healing courses is that YOU can then get insurance.

You can book a single hourly session at any time for £30

*Good Idea:  Give a gift voucher to the one/s you love, to rest and recuperate.

What are the Benefits?
Omni Kriya goes to the deeper levels of your being where many illnesses have their own origins. They release blocked energies, cleanse the body of toxins and work to create a state of balance. They reinforce your ability to take responsibility for your life and help to make the necessary changes in your attitude and lifestyle promoting a happier and healthier life.
It is usual after Omni Kriya to experience more awareness of your Self, of who you are, and you may find your quality of life improves in that, you re-direct your focus from those things that were actually causing your problems and begin to realise there are other ways of looking at and dealing with them, giving you the confidence to carry them out!
After treatment try not to drink much water but then only drink warm water to eliminate the emotional and physical toxins released in your body. This will aid the healing process, also try to be more rested for a couple of days after the treatment. This will help your body to adjust and realign.

Omni is a great tonic, and if you are well, Omni will help you stay that way.  You can be toned, ‘tuned-in’, healthy and happy.  You will find ‘joy’ being part of your life again.  Come and give it a try.

What is Omni Kriya
Omni Kriya (Energy Massage) is a progressive system that comes from India developed by Dr Sameer Kale in 1997. It is unique and powerful, bringing a relaxation to the body, second to none, thereby aiding the natural healing processes of the body.
It gives all the usual benefits, is totally non-invasive but is without the manipulation and contact normally associated with massage.

What Happens During a Session?
The Kriya Practitioner channels this energy through the hands using light, circular, sweeping movements: it can take 20- 50 minutes for back and front of body. This is a massage for head, face, digestive system, legs, feet, arms, hands and back, being done as whole body or in separate parts. It leaves one feeling light, refreshed and with a feeling that the whole of one’s insides have also been massaged. It is a non diagnostic therapy.

A session is usually carried out with the client lying down on a couch, there is no requirement to remove any clothing as the energy passes through all materials even chairs and plaster casts! A blanket/cover is placed over the body. It is usually in a peaceful environment and there may be relaxing music being played softly in the background.
It is usual to treat the front and back of the body, although back only or front only may also be carried out. This is a very relaxing process and with the energies flowing into the body,  possibly feeling a pleasant sensation of warmth or gentle tingling in the area being treated.  You may even fall asleep!