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“It seemed a strange idea! An effective and healing massage with your clothes on?!

I thought the same and wondered how this would work. There was only one way to find out so I made an appointment and tried it out.                  
I arrived for my session, a little nervously it must be said, as I like massage but have always been a bit intimidated by the therapist, having to undress and expose my ageing body to a younger person! This shows my lack of confidence and self esteem -I know- I am working on it. I need not have worried; my therapist gave me a lovely welcome and put me at my ease straight away.

I took my coat and shoes off and was asked to lay, face up, on the therapy couch. It was lovely and warm in the room but I was glad I did not have to take off my clothes. I was covered with a warm blanket to make me feel comfortable. A few notes were taken, as is usual with a new client, apparently.  I listened to the soothing classical music of Pachabel in the background and felt my body relax.
My therapist worked gently on my face and head for a while, which totally had the effect of making me want to sleep, I felt really nurtured, it was similar to having a warm facial but better. Then she worked on the front of my body from under my bust and around my stomach area using light circular movements. Wonderful, it made me think of when I was a child and having my stomach rubbed when I was feeling unwell. (I always felt better after that.)

Then my arms, legs then my feet, oh what bliss! I think I was asleep by then- it was hard to stay in control and awake, even for my research!

I was so relaxed and content but reluctantly turned over for my back to be massaged. What a great way to spend an hour! My back felt light and soothed, my legs and feet were once more massaged with similar light sweeping and pinching movements. I lost it and went to sleep. I hope I did not snore, my therapist was too polite to say, I am sure!

On the whole, I felt lighter, soooooooo relaxed and my insides also felt as they had been massaged. I can recommend this treatment to anyone. This is a healing massage which uses no manipulation and all this with my clothes on!! Very, very effective. Thank you so much.  I have now booked to have a course of treatments...after all, I am worth it! “                                                                                                                                                                           Pippa


"My introduction to the Omni System has indeed been a second birth for me. It is a system which works at the speed of light and the results are almost instantaneous and phenomenal. I would personally recommend it to anyone who wants to become a professional healer or for self healing and spiritual development "

"I was physically and mentally shattered but after my second session of Omni Healing I was a changed person and have continued to improve ever since. I cannot thank them enough. Why don't you give it a try? You've nothing to lose but a lot to gain."

"A rescue Collie Dog had been abused and tied up. Was snapping at snow and was very uneasy and aggressive. I gave the distressed dog Omni Healing for 3 mins and all the tension in the dog seemed to go and it became playful and calmer."

"Very warm around my head.  I did find myself relaxing at a very deep level."

"Hi Stephanie! Omni at work is very popular. Some clients really experience things never felt before. When I channel the Omni I feel lots of heat from my hands, but they are always cold! With one client, not only were my hands tingling madly but also my feet!"

"I have suffered from ME for 12 years and along with fatigue and other symptoms, pain is a companion, varying in degrees of minor to chronic pain in my muscles and joints. During these years I have often used strong painkillers, but eventually your body becomes used to the drug and so more powerful ones are needed, this is a step too far for me as I do not want to be dependent on powerful, toxic painkillers. Stephanie from Malindi Centre suggested that I try Omni Pain Relief oil, an Ayurvedic Siddha 'energised' Oil. I was truly surprised at the relief it gave. Within months the 'edge' was taken away and then as the oil penetrated further into my tissues the pain was gone.  I really recommend anyone who suffers from pain to give the range of Omni Oils and balms a try, perhaps you too can have days when your pain is relieved without the use of drugs."
Alison in Cardigan

"I am pleased to recommend both the Omni and Omni Sutra Healing systems as being non intrusive and highly effective. I found it highly relaxing and experienced a sense of peace. Over the past few years I have had lower stomach pains. These have now gone completely for which I am very grateful."

"I have experienced both hands-on and hands-off healing. I found both forms to be very effective, and can confidently recommend the Omni Healing and Omni Sutra healing as I have experienced instant relief on emotional, physical and mental levels."

"I was suffering from conjunctivitis and I experienced immediate relief from my symptoms and I no longer suffer with this condition. I also felt very relaxed."

"I received both Omni and Omni Sutra healing when I was very low mentally. The experience was quite extraordinary ; I felt a shift as something moved in my solar plexus and continued to move upwards throughout the day, until it seemed to completely clear. This was followed by a feeling of peace and happiness thereafter. Thank you so much"

"Omni and Omni Sutra are Awesome! - They have cleared my back problems and have seemingly repaired my frozen shoulder. In addition to this, I also feel very positive and relaxed and generally am more optimistic. I have no problem in recommending this clean and safe method of healing. "

"I had ongoing chest infections for 2 years. It was cleared within 2 hours or 2 sessions of Omni and Omni Sutra healing! I have also felt that I am more positive in my outlook after receiving these healing methods. They are amazing. I am very glad to have found them."

Just wanted to say a big thank you for giving me the energy to look at myself and to arrange my life and start to look forward to a nicer, less stressed, more positive and brighter me!!!! lol

I am really enjoying and appreciating using the Omni Healing. Its energy is very positive for me and the people who have received it from me. Many blessings.....

Just a little note to say that I am very happy with the soothing away of pain from the cream you gave me (Pain Relief balm)